Who is This? (CD’s are available at church)

July 5, 2020

Bible Text: Mark 4:35-41 |

As we continue in our series on the gospel of Mark, we come to a story awfully familiar to anyone who has regularly attended church and/or Sunday School: Jesus is calming the storm. The great temptation is to turn the episode into one big analogy and conclude it is all about Jesus calming the storms of our lives. “As surely as Jesus calmed the storm on the sea, he calms the storms of our lives.” That may be a true statement, but it is not the point of the event and it was not the conclusion the disciples made. What the disciples concluded was that as frightening as waves washing over the boat was, having God in the boat was more so. Do we need a higher view of Jesus than we currently have? Is our view of Jesus based on the Bible or our culture, church or otherwise?

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