Scripture and Tradition

November 8, 2020

Bible Text: Mark 7:1-13 |


This morning Pastor Ben is taking us back to our series on the Gospel of Mark. In the incident before us today, the Pharisees are upset that the disciples do not wash their hands before eating as was required by their laws. Jesus takes the opportunity to admonish them for doing what is being done to this day: elevating the traditions of men to the status of the Word of God. When that happens, the next step is inevitable: “and why do you break the command of God for the sake of your tradition?” (Jesus-Matthew 15:3). We will spend the next two Sundays on this issue, asking God’s Spirit to see if there be any wicked way in us in this regard.

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      I am not sure when you sent this question. If you still need an answer….I tried to connect using my phone and it worked fine for me. It also works from my desktop. Sometimes you have to wait a bit for the recording to start. This last one, January 24, takes several seconds, up to a minute to start.

    • Also, when I wanted to listen from my phone, there was a second step…I had to select ‘download MP3 player’ and then could hear it.

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